Testimonials from Readers

“I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your weekly blogs. I cannot wait to walk into a Barnes and Nobel and see one of your books or watch you on TV promoting your positive ideas. I am always wishing you the very best in whatever you do.”
Y in Texas

“I’ve certainly enjoyed reading your blogs. The latest one on hope is fantastic.”
C in Texas

“That thought on Hope was awesome!”
A in Washington

“I just read through your blogs, good stuff… I needed some hope and encouragement tonight.
I just lost my sister because of an accident and life is difficult right now. Thanks for your words”.

M in Kansas

“I cannot tell you how much I needed to hear that, right at the moment I read it! Life is so strange and difficult along with so many blessings.”
M in Idaho

We quote your quote: You said, ’From this day on I resolve to leave every person I meet better for having met me.’ That is a worthy declaration, and one by which I want to live.”

You have achieved that goal as far as Ed and I are concerned. God Bless you. I love the blog. You are a special person and we still look forward to a spaghetti dinner some day. >
E&C in Boston